Sculptural Work

Body Poem (nr.2)



The sculpture ‘Body Poem (nr.2)’ is from a series of sculpture and drawings that deal with the abject nature of the body, akawardness and disassociation. Throughout the series are scewed representations of common bodily imagery and dynamic compositions.

Has become a part of the National Arts Councils collection.

En del Statens Kunstfonds Samling.

Photos courtesy of Mads Borre


Steel sculpture

From the solo exhibition ‘TRIPLE BASS TWO FINGER FAIRY’ at Diana Nørrebro, 2022.

The sculpture is one of seven steel wings that were mounted on the walls and connected in pairs by steel chains.

The one on the picture is made to be worn on a steel corset, as an oversized piece of jewelery or armour that covers the length of the body. It was part of the solo performance piece ‘FEY’, at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst in march 2022. 

Photos courtesy of Mads Borre

‘Allegory In Blue'

Papier mâche, acrylic paint, varnish.

Paper sculptures that show what's really going on...
From the group show 'Sauce'

Photos courtesy of Mads Borre

A Cool Wind Like New Skin 

Silicone and ceramical sculpture 

From the group show 
‘Just a Sip’ at Cantina, Aarhus

Photo documetation by Luna Lund Jensen